When you get engaged to the love of your life and are all set to take those wedding vows, the next step is to find an amazing location. But when your wedding day is over, those beautiful photographs will be your only tangible memories, to stay with you for a lifetime. Therefore, your choice of a photographer will be one of the most important decisions you both make.

The reasons can be quite obvious though, like sharing those images with your family and friends, and especially with those who cannot make it to your wedding. So, you need to choose an experienced and reputable photographer, like Jessie Hawaii Photography, as they specialize as the best Maui destination elopement photographer. They can even help their clients to choose dreamy locations on the basis of their unique preferences.

Here are some steps to find the perfect elopement photographer:

  • Look for a photographer who offers a portfolio of some timeless images. This way you can have a glimpse of their quality work. You can skip trendy styles which will look outdated over time. Your elopement images are treasures to last a lifetime and then be handed down through your coming generations. 
  • Be sure to like the photographer personally when hiring him/her. An outstanding portfolio does not carry any weight if you don’t feel good or comfortable sharing your important day of life with an individual. You need to trust your photographer, in order to be comfortable in front of the lens. You and your partner will be going through a sea of emotions that day – joy, tears, nervousness, they might shadow you. An experienced Maui destination elopement photographer like Jessie Hawaii Photography will not only help you relax but even calm down during the shoot. 
  • Look for an experienced photographer who has at least shot ten elopements. Any elopement photography is a unique art or skill, quite different in comparison to full-fledged wedding photography as it is much more intimate. 
  • Here are a few other questions, you need to ask your photographer – Is your photographer properly familiar with the location you chose? Have they ever shot elopements before? If the answer is no, are they willing to reach there a day before, to scout the best spots, the light, etc? 
  • An elopement photographer’s prices depend on his/her experience and reputation, and whether they shoot an analogue film. Digital type of photography needs less skill, as the photographer can click hundreds of pictures in the hope of getting the few best ones. Analog photography is a fine art and it needs to get perfect in the camera. The price of laboratory and film time might add up more, but the difference in image quality is worth the effort. 
  • If you want to hire the best elopement photographer, you need to book a little early. As they often get booked 1 or even 2 years in advance. 

If you are looking for the best Maui destination elopement photographer, contact Jessie Hawaii Photography today. Besides offering high-resolution professionally edited photographs, their professional photographer knows the island well and so will capture every moment of your memorable day.

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